Hybrid Hipp blooming

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Mon, 12 Apr 2010 07:39:52 PDT
Exactly.  Cross a yellow Clivia with red, or orange, or the other kind of 
yellow, and the seedlings are orange.

Yellow tends to be recessive in most flowers that have red or orange colors 
in some species or varieties.  Yellow results from a double genetic 
blockage (homozygous) of the biosynthetic pathway that produces the 
anthocyanin red pigments.  Cut off red, and you are left with yellow or white.

People are checking out the heredity of peach colors in Clivia 
now.  Several peach clivias, like Victorian Peach, Tessa, and Sunrise 
Sunset, give peach offspring when crossed with each other.  Other peaches 
may not.  I have some seedlings that are going to bloom in the next few 
years that ought to help understand the peach genes in Clivia.

In Hippeastrum, papilio has a very strong genetic influence on its hybrid 
offspring.  Some striped Hippeastrum and patterned types give simple solid 
red flowers when crossed -- unlike papilio, their pattern genes are 
recessive and the plants default back to plain red when crossed.  E.g., 
cross Hippeastrum lapacensis (cream flower with fine red pinstripes) with 
H. nelsonii (large cream or green throat, small solid red tips to petals 
and sepals) and the offsprings' flowers are plain solid red, with a small 
green throat.  The patterns are lost when heterozygous.  The diploid 
species are likely to be simpler to sort out than hybrids of the tetraploids.

Jim Shields

At 05:33 AM 4/12/2010 -0700,Dell wrote:
>I believe that yellow may be recessive,but it is certainly co-linked with 
>red to produce orange,which seems to be the dominant color in my 25 years 
>of breeding Hippeastrum.Years ago I selfed Pasadena, a tetraploid double 
>hybrid,having red with white stripes coloration. The majority of the 
>seedlings were reddish orange or orange. Del--

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