Topic change--What makes erythroniums bloom?

Susan B
Wed, 07 Apr 2010 12:46:27 PDT
We have a wild patch, so I had to run down and take a photo-…

It seems like there are less flowers this year than we normally see.  They're under a clump of trees that keeps them very dark in the summer, but right now there are no leaves, only lots of dappled shade.  That whole area gets almost full shade very early in the afternoon due to high hills all around.
One side probably gets a lot of runoff from a hill and stays much wetter, but the other side is almost always dry.
Not far away is our clump of Trillium- the yellow ones, which I'm not a fan of so I don't remember the proper name.  Our clump consists of 3 plants, and hasn't changed in about 5 years.
We are in zone 6 here in TN, USA.


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