Mystery Ixia

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 24 Apr 2010 06:38:20 PDT

We received the message below from Nick de Rothschild. It included an 
attachment so therefore did not go to everyone since we don't allow 
attachments on this list. I have downsized his picture and added it 
to the Mystery Bulbs page.…

It looks like a hybrid Ixia to me. I have some tall pink ones that 
look like it. There is a picture from me of a group of hybrids on the 
wiki and one from Mike Mace of one he purchased labeled as Ixia 'Venus'.…

Mary Sue

>OK bright bulbophiles- I'm stumped
>We think this is an Ixia, but which one- the flower head stands a 
>meter tall.....(it could be a hybrid...)
>Oh, and for those of you who are having critter problems (see 
>corresp. re cheeky chipmunks) I have an excellent recipe for 
>rabbit......! (we don't get chipmonks here in England.)

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