Hipp. Hybrids: More Education...Less Guesstimation

David Maxwell opbungalow@gmail.com
Mon, 12 Apr 2010 13:23:30 PDT
Hi All,

it's Hippeastrum flowering season (finally)...and I always make home hybrids
with whichever ones bloom simultaneous...well, also keeping in mind that red
is the obliteratingly dominate color trait.

At some point I'm going to have educate myself with regards to chomosomal
compatibility, diploids 'n' tetraploids...'cuz at this point I just
cross-pollinate and hope for the best.

I remember seeing in books I've read on Hippeastrum that the author actually
gave the chomosomal count of various species & hybrids...but other than
that, how would I go about finding out whether a particular specie/hybrid is
a diploid or tetraploid...or is otherwise genetically compatible?

I'm hoping there's a Cliff's Notes version somewhere.


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