Tropaeolum brachyceras

Adam Fikso
Sun, 04 Apr 2010 22:14:25 PDT
Yay! Then I can try it  But do I have to build a cold frame?
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Tropaeolum brachyceras began to bloom here today. I feel as if I have been
promoted to a higher level of the gardening experience.

The plant in question was received in September 2008 from Telos Rare Bulbs
as a fat tuberous corm about the size of Bing cherry. It was planted soon
after arrival into the soil of the most protected cold frame. It did not
appear above ground during the fall 2008 -winter-spring 2009 period. Then,
in late summer or early fall 2009 (a year after being planted) it produced
above ground growth. This continued to develop throughout the winter. At one
point the air temperature outside the cold frame dropped to 3 degrees above
zero F. The Tropaeolum never showed any sign of cold damage.

OK, I've done it, I've flowered a Chilean Tropaeolum. Yippee...

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