Global warming?
Tue, 20 Apr 2010 13:24:44 PDT
For those with double digit temperatures, Centigrade or otherwise, we have had intermittent snow showers here all day today and yesterday. 15 weeks without seeing black earth this winter and now Icelandic volcanic ash drifting around and down everywhere all this seismic activity is apparently due according to the Iranian Mullahs because western women wear short skirts and jeans. If ignorance be bliss then there appear to be some happy guys in the Middle East, but BLISS, no aircraft, sad for those stuck around the world but the peace for as long as it lasts is much appreciated, the transatlantic traffic albeit at very high altitude from Germany and Holland etc crosses over us heading for Canada and the USA so we appreciate the silence even if at a distance when they fly over. Here endeth the words to avoid the Cat Rounder up General's ire!


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