propogating from lachenalia leaves

Bill Richardson
Mon, 26 Apr 2010 05:03:01 PDT
Dear all,
 here is an extract from an article written re Lachenalia mathewsii:
"New bulbs can also be produced by taking leaf cuttings, but only the lower 
portion of the leaf can be used, as the upper part of the leaf is too 
narrow. Leaf cuttings must be taken from a healthy plant in active growth. 
Lachenalia mathewsii produces two leaves, so one entire leaf can be used. It 
can be cut into two cross-sections, each cutting planted ±1 cm deep in a 
well-drained rooting medium, e.g. equal parts riversand and vermiculite. The 
cuttings must be kept shaded and slightly moist. Roots and bulblets will 
begin to form at the base of cutting in about one month. When the leaf 
withers, stop watering, remove the little bulblets and store until autumn.
Whether an offset or produced from a leaf-cutting, plants grown from a 
bulblet should flower in their first season, i.e. a year sooner than a 
plants grown from seed."
and a link to the entire article :


Bill Richardson




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