Ranunculus ficaria Cultivars

Judy Glattstein jgglatt@gmail.com
Mon, 19 Apr 2010 05:19:49 PDT
Dell, I think our cheerful golden weed is native to southern Europe. 
Found an image on-line of a Scottish woodland carpeted with the stuff. 
Where the Leonard J Buck Garden in Far Hills, NJ is fighting with it 
there is a two week period where the drifts of golden Ranunculus ficaria 
intermingle with the intense blue flowers of Pulmonaria angustifolia and 
the result is exquisite. What's really scary is the form I read about, 
which - in addition to the underground tubers also makes bulbils on the 
leaves. Ack!

Bill, I also have 'Brazen Hussy' and agree that its near-to-black leaves 
are elegant. Also easily distinguished from the thug. It spreads, but 
not with the same insane rapidity as the type plant. I also have a 
double flowered form which is very charming. And a friend recently gave 
me a start of one with an arrow shaped leaf that is mottled with grayish 
brown on green, same single yellow flowers. He thought it was 'Brazen 
Hussy' but I assured him it was not. No idea which cultivar the double 
is, or what the last one might be.

Adam, many thanks for your elegantly easy suggestion. Today is - at last 
- sunny albeit normally chilly. As soon as it warms up a little I will 
go and toss some ammonia into the bag of Ranunculus / Ficaria, chanting 
"Die, d-mn you, die!" as I do so.

Judy in tender spring green New Jersey

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