About those bulb flies...!

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Wed, 28 Apr 2010 10:31:23 PDT
Hello Anita:  Type:   Merodon equestris-- into the web and there are lots of 
pictures.   Size is mentioned in the articles. 10-15 mm or about a half 
inch.   I use Dogpile as a browser, less garbage. -- Merodon equestris 
length-- brings up the dimensions in the first articles.

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> I've been following the posts about the bulb flies with horror since I
> have a lot of daffodils. There are all sorts of flies (critters having
> two wings and a pair of haltres) that hang around my garden: Hover
> flies, bee flies, soldier flies etc.; as well as all the members of
> the bee/wasp family.
> My problem is that I have yet to see a picture of any these flies
> that's truly clear enough to help me identify them. Would someone
> please post a series of CLEAR AND UP CLOSE pictures of these flies
> from all sides COMPLETE WITH A RULER OR A COIN for size reference?
> Is there a unique physical structure that a layperson could look for
> and be able to find that would help identify these bulb flies?
> Anita Clyburn
> Terre Haute, IN
> Who was enjoying spring until you folks scared me to death talking
> about bulb flies!
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