Mystery Ixia

Chad Schroter
Tue, 27 Apr 2010 13:39:17 PDT
I have an Ixia which I believe was acquired as I. maculata, and it has pendant flowers, BUT, since they "flop" and actually hang over a short wall it's hard to tell whether they do this because the scape is held upside down or not.

I assume that the habit of these is dependent on bracing from surrounding grasses in the wild ?


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I have added two more photos to the Mystery
that was sent from Nick (see his message below). He was asking if the
pendant form is I. maculata. The second photo is the upright form that is
probably I. maculata for comparison.

As Mary Sue wrote, I. maculata has large rust brown bracts often torn at the
tip. That looks to like what the first photo shows. Does anyone have a
better idea?


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We grow them in pots inside in a frost free Venlo glasshouse so no danger of
rain bending them over and we stake them too

It does look like Ixia 'Venus' so I think I'll put that on the label for the
time being.....

On the other point I attach photos (again sorry) to show what I mean.


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