Many more Crocuses on the wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 12 Apr 2010 07:00:08 PDT

Those of you who contribute to the wiki will understand what a lot of 
time Mike Mace spent adding all those crocus pictures to the wiki and 
a lot of interesting text as well.  For the rest of you this 
represents many many hours of work. And it was all made more 
complicated since we originally split the Crocus pages up by when 
they bloom, not alphabetically. Thanks go to Mike from all of us. 
Mike has agreed to join Nhu and David and me as a wiki administrator. 
He has been adding pictures for some time and on his own added a lot 
of wonderful propagation and cultivation information to the wiki and 
has supplemented Lee Poulsen's climate information as well. We are 
very pleased that he has agreed to help us when he has time.

Mary Sue

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