About those bulb flies...!

aclyburn17@verizon.net aclyburn17@verizon.net
Tue, 27 Apr 2010 20:28:21 PDT
I've been following the posts about the bulb flies with horror since I  
have a lot of daffodils. There are all sorts of flies (critters having  
two wings and a pair of haltres) that hang around my garden: Hover  
flies, bee flies, soldier flies etc.; as well as all the members of  
the bee/wasp family.
My problem is that I have yet to see a picture of any these flies  
that's truly clear enough to help me identify them. Would someone  
please post a series of CLEAR AND UP CLOSE pictures of these flies  
from all sides COMPLETE WITH A RULER OR A COIN for size reference?
Is there a unique physical structure that a layperson could look for  
and be able to find that would help identify these bulb flies?

Anita Clyburn
Terre Haute, IN
Who was enjoying spring until you folks scared me to death talking  
about bulb flies!


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