Family classification

Jacob Knecht
Wed, 28 Apr 2010 15:26:49 PDT
Dear Roland,

I agree with you.  I can't bear to watch most gardening programs (speaking
of HGTV, not so much BBC) or read some of the plant magazines and books that
spread lots of archaic information and blatant misinformation.  For better
or worse my idealistic impulse is strongest and so I believe that such media
has the responsibility to be more responsible with the information that they
promulgate.  So many gardeners look up to these sources of information.  As
Nhu said above, " does not take up that much more room to at least
include the latest synonym..."  It really wouldn't take more than a few
additional seconds or characters to add the proper name for something.  I
know from teaching kids that if one expects less of their ability to learn
something new, than they may well follow suit.  It would be great if more
horticultural media would rethink their "common denominator" and raise the
bar enough to include a bit of a plants' current binomial on the side.

Of course as a bulb salesman your concerns translate into very palpable
concerns; choosing to advertise your bulbs as *Hippeastrurm* instead of *
Amaryllis* could mean a real difference in Euros and the satisfaction of
your customers.  An earlier thread from a few months ago discussed how
frustrated some PBS members have been with inaccurate photos posted above
bulbs for sale, e.g. a picture of *Nerine* to sell *Lycoris*, etc.  I
suppose that extra visuals such as large colourful pictures would help in
the reverse order to educate the consumer to correlate the correct name with
the correct picture of the flower.



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