West Coast Erythroniums

Pacific Rim paige@hillkeep.ca
Mon, 12 Apr 2010 21:58:09 PDT
Mary Sue wrote:

> I have successfully grown a number of our California Erythroniums
> from seed.

> On the other hand my experience with Erythronium tuolumnese does not
> match Paige's. I started seed October 2000. It germinated well and
> has been coming back since then, but has not bloomed until this
> year.  There is only one flower  and I have 18 plants and the flower
> opened just as we've had a couple of days of good rainfall so I don't
> know how long it will last. Pictures on the wiki show that not all
> plants have as many flowers as Paige has reported. I can only hope
> that every year my plants will improve. One wonders if there is a
> difference in different populations.

We could do some tests. But that involves phytos and aggro.

Whatever else counts, I suspect that tuolumnense is a pig for water, duff 
bearing appropriate fungi, and haze-filtered sunshine such as we helplessly 
give it in our garden. Maybe it doesn't get them back home.

I was out late this afternoon, hastily reconfirming flower counts. Lots of 
7s. A few 8s. Did not check the entire bed, but found no immediate 10s. But 
do admit, even 7 is interesting. I have photographs but have not faced 
learning how to upload to the wiki. Will send pix to someone else willing to 

E. helenae en masse sounds wonderful; I have flowered it but not kept it.

Paige Woodward

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