Hymenocallis riparia vs. sonorensis

Jim Bauml arbolito@aol.com
Thu, 12 Aug 2010 08:22:10 PDT
Hi Jim,
Hymenocallis riparia (and acutifolia if recognized) are distinguished from
most other
Mexican spiderlilies by virtue of having tepals fused at their bases to the
staminal cup, while
H. sonorensis would be have tepals free to the base.
Jim Bauml

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I have various plants labeled Hymenocallis riparia and H. sonorensis.  They 
all came to me from other hobbyists, with no wild provenance, and they all 
look alike to me.

How might one distinguish between the two species, lacking wild collection 

It would be nice to have a pocket sized DNA sequencer in my kitchen!  I 
would still need reference plants of known provenance, of course.

Jim Shields
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