Boophone disticha X Amarygia seed?

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:06:18 PDT
Several of the fruits on one of my Boophone disticha, on which I used 2-yr old frozen/saved pollen from a 2008 white X Amarygia bloom, have begun to split, revealing white/opalescent seeds. In the past, I've only seen Boophone disticha seeds that are green or greenish-yellow. I am speculating that this may be an indication of a potentially successful cross. Of course, growing these on to bloom will provide better indication of such.  While this inflorescence/infructescence is the same age as those of its neighboring 2 bulbs, its fruit seems to have developed more quickly than the others, on which I used Boophone disticha pollen. I don't think these are quite 'ready' yet as the fruit skin has not turned papery yet, as is usually the case with Boophone.
San Diego

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