Smelliest bulbs

Jane McGary
Fri, 27 Aug 2010 19:13:13 PDT
Rodger wrote,
Arum dioscorides - gross and disgusting, like a compost heap that's been
>overwatered and gone into anaerobic decomposition
>Fritillaria camschatcensis - skunky; a real stinker. Enter a pot of this in
>flower at a show and the entire hall will be scented with its effluvium.

I find Arum dioscoridis forms I grow here to smell about like cow 
manure, which is not a scent one would seek out, but not one that is 
too offensive to rural dwellers. I never noticed a bad smell on 
Fritillaria camschatcensis, but I've never brought it indoors, where 
warm temperatures exacerbate odors. Perhaps my bad reaction to 
Ferraria crispa was due to having grown it indoors.

Jane McGary

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