Nerine masonorium alba

J.E. Shields
Wed, 25 Aug 2010 11:54:14 PDT
Ina and all,

The "thread-leaf" nerines include masoniorum, filamentosa, filifolia, 
angustifolia/appendiculata/angulata,  platypetala, and rehmannii (off the 
top of my head).  These all have leaves less than 4 mm wide.  I give these 
regular commercial fertilizer with nitrogen (i.e., 20-10-20 or the 
like).  I'm afraid that platypetala and rehmannii are just barely still in 
my collection; one neglected little bulb of each remains.

So the "broadleaf" nerines have leaves wider than 5 mm, and that list 
includes bowdenii, krigei, laticoma, huttoniae, sarniensis, and 
undulata.  These all get the nitrogen-free food.  I actually formulate my 
own stuff in this case, and its N-P-K is roughly 0-15-35.  Bulbs just don't 
need huge amounts of phosphate (P), but they do need plenty of potassium (K).

There are a few others that I'm not sure about, and I strongly suspect that 
N. krigei is genetically one of the narrow-leaf bunch.  Nitrogen does not 
seem to bother it, and it hybridizes with filifolia easily.

The only white nerines I've heard of are in bowdenii, laticoma, sarniensis, 
and undulata.  Send me a picture when your N. masoniorum alba leafs out, 
please, and again when it is in bloom.  I'm interested!

Jim Shields
in mild, sunny and very dry Westfield, Indiana, at about 40°N, 86°W

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