Hesperocallis undulata climate

Michael Mace mikemace@att.net
Thu, 05 Aug 2010 09:51:46 PDT
Jacob wrote:

>>Borrego Springs should have weather/climate data somewhere online.  I am
sure the humidity is generally very low there.

Ask and ye shall receive:



About six inches of rain a year on average.  Desert, but not quite as dry as
I expected.

Most of the rain falls in winter (December-February)

May and June are almost completely dry.

Starting in July, on average there is a quarter to half an inch of rain a
month (0.6-1.2 cm).  However, that is an average, and I bet the reality is
that some months are totally dry and some months get an occasional monsoon.
It would be interesting to know the humidity level at the roots.  There
might be a little more moisture than you'd expect.

This rain pattern is different from the pattern along the coast in this part
of California, where June-September is generally almost completely dry.

January high/low temps:  F: 69/44  C: 21/7 (so it doesn't get a lot of
July high/low temps:  F: 107/76   C: 42/24

Keep in mind that under even six inches of sand the temps will be a lot more

San Jose, CA

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