Virus *Was Griffinia Leaves*

Josh Young
Sun, 29 Aug 2010 13:47:22 PDT
Thanks Everyone :)

    I appreciate the responses :)  I'm not so worried about them now that I know 
it's just stress!  I just found out my Phaedranassa Viridiflora was virused 
which makes me pretty upset :(  I'm just so happy that I had just put it with 
the rest of the plants right before I decided to take pictures.  For some reason 
I didn't notice because of the subtlety and Nhu happened to spot the plant on my 
Flickr!   Alberto had warned me of such things, I'm just HOPING it hasn't spread 
to anything else...  Hopefully I can find this Phaedranassa again as it's one of 
my favorites!  I'm quarantining the other plants I received with this one...  
Another couple are showing signs so they're gone as well.

Thanks Guys
A Newly Cautious Josh In Anderson IN


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