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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 24 Aug 2010 15:31:03 PDT
Dear Josh,

Every one who subscribes to this list gets a welcome message than 
includes the guidelines for our list. It doesn't have anything in it 
about grammar or spelling as we do have a number of members whose 
native language is not English and we appreciate their attempts to 
communicate with us as best they can. The purpose of this list is to 
communicate with each other. Not including the entire message isn't a 
problem when you are searching for a pbs message through Google as 
the messages come in a format that includes a link for the previous 
message, a link for the next message and a way to sort the archives 
by date, thread, subject, author. So you can easily find out more 
information if you need it.

To remind those of you who are long time subscribers here are the 
guidelines that come with the welcome message:

Pacific Bulb Society Mailing List

Welcome to an Internet discussion forum on bulbs, sponsored by the 
Pacific Bulb Society, for people around the world.

Although bulbs (defined more broadly to include all geophytes) are 
the focus, we recognize that people who grow them probably grow other 
things too and will be talking about them from time to time.

Guidelines for posting:
1. Please sign your posts and include your location and climate 
information to help the rest of the group understand your information.
2. Attachments are not allowed and including them will cause messages 
to be held for approval. Images can be shared by using the PBS wiki.
3. Please use a subject heading that describes your post and when 
responding to that post please use the same subject heading so people 
who search the archives can find all the information on one subject easily.
4. If you change the subject, please change the subject heading as well.
5. Include only enough information from the post you are replying to 
identify it. DO NOT INCLUDE THE ENTIRE MESSAGE. This is to keep our 
archives uncluttered and is also a courtesy to the members of the 
list, especially the digest subscribers.
6. Post answers to questions raised to our list members to everyone 
as there will be many interested in your reply.
7. Post messages that are of a private nature (such as thanks or 
information about swapping seed or bulbs) privately.
8. Please refrain from posting your commercial offerings on our list.
9. Remember whatever you post will be archived and available for 
others to read.

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