more Boophone, pollination progress

Sun, 08 Aug 2010 12:26:37 PDT
Sorry to pester you all with these but I just need to share my excitement!
On one of the 3 July blooming Boophones I previously posted, I have attempted a cross using frozen pollen from one of my own White X Amarygia seedlings, saved two years ago when it bloomed.  I spent an hour or more over several mornings, when temps were cool ... 61-65F, hand pollinating each individual bloom.  It appears I will be at least successful in producing some seed as most fruit is swelling with what appear to be seed bulges:
I am hoping to get lucky and produce a similar cross to that of my x Boopharyllis, 2 of which are beginning to send up their scapes:
The blooms on which I used each other's Boophone pollen also appear to be setting seed.  It seems if I do not hand pollinate, I am lucky to get just a few seeds, even if these are blooming right next to each other.  Evidently, there are no or few natural pollinators. Although I see an occasional honey bee ... its seems they only visit one flower and decide to leave.    
San Diego

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