Nerine masonorium alba

bulborum botanicum
Wed, 25 Aug 2010 10:05:04 PDT
Hello Ina

Here you can find a picture with leaves…


2010/8/25 Ina <>:
>  When I was given it, the giver said that the pink version was from just a
> small patch which was all there was, now did he say South Africa?  I can't
> remember, but some of the bulbs finished up in Japan, where they were grown
> on.  And surprise, surprise, there was a white one amongst the pink ones.
>  And mine is supposed to be one of the seedlings of the white one.
> However, when I looked them up on the Internet, they are grass like, and
> this one definitely is not grass like.  Have emailed the son of the giver to
> track that down. Who is not a good emailer....
> Is yours grass like Roland?
> Ina Crossley

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