How to grow Calochortus, the novel

Michael Mace
Fri, 06 Aug 2010 17:41:31 PDT
Those of you who have been growing bulbs for a while may have fond memories
of the old Calochortus Society, which gave information on the genus, growing
advice, and some delicious seed offers.  Alas, the society has dwindled
away, but its founder, Hugh McDonald, just gave us permission to republish
excerpts from the Society's newsletter.

We've started with Hugh's magnum opus summarizing everything he had
discovered on how to grow Calochortus.  It's on the wiki here:…

I'd like to publicly thank Hugh for sharing his information, and I hope
it'll help another generation of growers raise these bewitching bulbs --
which are fussy, but not impossible to grow.

San Jose, CA

PS: You can visit Hugh's online Gallery of Calochortus flowers here: 

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