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Sat, 21 Aug 2010 10:28:54 PDT

No solution no bulb yet and now it is a very long time since I paid the 232.00 USD to Dana Harris it was the 25 of April this year and after my first mail to the PBS list she sent a reply the same day and promised me to send the bulb but as I have written no bulb has arrived yet and no money in refund.

And Dana┬┤s mail should not be "hi jacked" now because if it has been she should definitely be aware of that now.
I have also checked her mail replys to me and they are sent from the University she works at via the IP number!

So this lady has "stolen" 232.00 USD from me and she reply on my mail with very odd questions as what I mean etc?
If Ellen Hornig see this mail, please try to fix this matter for me not fun to loose such much of money at Ebay and a second chance.

I'm not happy at all, I'm very angry over this as you understand and I don't think that anyone of you should be happy if this happened to you....

Off topic maybe but effective to use this list even for matters like this, it might works as a warning of what people to avoid when buying / trading plants!

Tomas Sandberg

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