What's in Bloom in Pots

J.E. Shields jshields104@comcast.net
Tue, 31 Aug 2010 09:39:52 PDT
Nothing is in bloom in the hot, dry ground!  Potted bulbs on the deck have 
at least a couple things blooming:

Nerine hessioides has tiny pink flowers maybe 1/2 inch across.  They are 
very reminiscent of N. gracilis, but the peduncles are only about 10 inches 
high, so the plant is a little more in proportion to its flowers.  Gracilis 
has much taller scapes.  I got rid of my N. gracilis years ago.

Nerine filamentosa is starting to bloom, with one pot in flower an another 
in bud.

Nerine [(filifolia x krigei) x ?krigei] has been blooming for a while and 
two more bulbs are putting up scapes.  One pot of Nerine filifolia is 
putting up a bunch of scapes.  There are a few scapes starting to come up 
on Nerine cf. angustifolia "Den's Dwarf."

Three pots of Nerine sarniensis are in bud in the basement.  I need to get 
them up into the greenhouse.

More Cyrtanthus montanus are sending up scapes, and one overcrowded pot of 
Cyrtanthus sanguineus has two bulbs with a flower each open.

Inside the greenhouse, more scapes are starting to appear on the pots of 
Haemanthus coccineus.  Most of the bloom-size H. barkerae seem to be in 
bloom now.  Three bulbs of Haemanthus [barkerae x coccineus] or the reverse 
are in bloom.

Jim Shields
in sunny and dry Westfield, Indiana

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