named mystery bulb

bulborum botanicum
Thu, 05 Aug 2010 23:13:20 PDT
Thanks Ina

I put it with the information in my computer
If you want here is my seed list
its chancing every time so have a look now and then


2010/8/6 Ina Crossley <>

>  Spoke with Shirley today who also has offsets growing now, but has no idea
> about the seed setting bit.  Hopefully I will find out with my bulbs.  She
> originally got it from Joys Plants which is a nursery which often has
> unusual plants, but she only got it last year too, so am honoured she gave
> me some already!
> If they set seed, will save your email address and let you know.  Might
> even have some to send to Dell.....  Wishful thinking.
> Ina :-)         on a mild fine winter day in Auckland.
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