minimum temp for Nerine?

Nathan Lange
Mon, 30 Aug 2010 15:48:03 PDT
After a quick google scholar search, the abstracts that I have read 
suggest that temperatures above (not below) 17C during active growth 
(not dormancy) could induce flower bud abortion in some 
species.  Optimal flowering occurred following vegetative growth at 
temperatures BELOW 17C.  One cannot know from only reading the 
abstracts whether air or bulb temperature was monitored or controlled 
in the research mentioned above.  In the real world, the possibility 
of the interior bulb temperature matching the ambient air temperature 
is nearly nonexistent in most circumstances.

However, if you are growing your Nerine sarniensis in black plastic 
pots, like I am, you might improve your flowering by preventing the 
low winter sun from blasting the side of the pots during those sunny 
winter days (during active vegetative growth).

Nathan Lange

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