How to grow Calochortus, the novel

bulborum botanicum
Fri, 06 Aug 2010 23:14:17 PDT
Hello Jane

For sure plant your Colchicums first
Yesterday is always the best day for planting them
It was an old grower who told me that the late Kees Visser
One of the best in the past many Colchicums are named by him

If you plant them to late they will be submarines as he called it
the leaves and flowers start growing under the ground
but not as usual strait up but following the round the bulb
if the leaves don't get light next year your bulbs will be like miniature
and it can take up till 4-5 years before they flower again

Two easy tricks
Peel of the skin just before planting till you see the but
marque every bulb with a sate pin and If one doesn't come up next year
dig a hole on that spot till you see the leaves and fold them strait
so they get light and close the hole as far as possible
at least normally you have flowers next year

Enjoy your good but fast planting


2010/8/7 Jane McGary <>

> I have three 6-foot-tall storage shelves in the basement completely full of
> bulbs in paper bags and mesh baskets, and I hope to have them all in the
> ground before the colchicums start flowering down in the dark!
> Jane McGary
> Northwestern Oregon, USA
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