minimum temp for Nerine?

J.E. Shields
Mon, 30 Aug 2010 15:20:01 PDT
According to "South African Wild Flower Guide 10" by Gretel van Rooyen and 
Hester Steyn, which covers the region of the Cederberg, Ckanwilliam, and 
Biedouw Valley, in the Western Cape, Nerine sarniensis occurs in the wild 
"on rocky mountain slopes from Citrusdal to Caledon."   This is south of 
Vanrhynsdorp.   I've ridden along the N7 highway up to Vanrhysndorp.

The climate in the region is Mediterranean, so it has hot, dry summers and 
cold, wet winters.  I would guess that this area gets light frosts in 
winter, but I was only there in the spring -- and it was damp and chilly in 
the mountains of the Bokeveld Escarpment out east of the Cederberg 
mtns.  Thanks to Lee for the numbers.  The 17 C temperature seems out of line.

Jim Shields

At 02:46 PM 8/30/2010 -0700, Diana wrote:
>So there might be a typo in the wiki.  I hope the person who wrote the
>sarniensis part of 
>will let me know more about that Netherlands research.

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