Griffinia Leaves, What's Going On?

James Waddick
Sun, 29 Aug 2010 12:39:06 PDT
I got this plant from New York,
The average humidity is usually between 40-50 percent.
I figured the brown was from some sort of stress from changing locations
I immediately repotted it in a larger pot

Dear Josh,
	You have pointed out at least 3 points of stress that could 
account for leaf problems.

	Moving- whether hand carried or shipped there are plenty 
opportunities for physical leaf damage or at least leaf bruising.

	Moving especially shipping by UPS, USPS or other could expose 
it to extremes of temperature.

	Humidity and sun exposure changes may have been too rapid for 
natural equilibrium

	Repotting can exacerbate all of the above stresses.  Actually 
any of these in combination can make any one condition worse.

	I think the combination of possible physical damage and all 
the physiological stress of changes in potting medium, humidity. 
temperature schedule etc could all contribute to these spots.

	I would not be exceedingly  worried until new foliage appears 
and the new leaves have grown out in your new location. Assuming it 
is now happy under your cultivation conditions, the plant should 
resume normal growth. The normal looking (and beautiful) flowers 
indicate it is at least mostly "happy."

				Best		Jim W.
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