Use of English on PBS (was: Re: PBS responses)

Adam Fikso
Wed, 25 Aug 2010 22:53:57 PDT
I must endorse Jane McGary's comments on English usage in America, and on 
this forum.  Indeed, (speaking as a retired psychologist)-- spelling 
capability is unrelated to intelligence, strange as that may seem.  Nor does 
it seem to be related to paying attention (some of the time).

My dyslexic daughter is a kind of proof of this.

And in the case of Nerine masoniorum--the second "o" precedes  the "i" in 
texts dealing with the bulb, and on the internet.  So... are people being 
polite by copying the error?  Playing it safe because they don't know, 
haven't looked it up?.  Never took Latin so don't see the genitive plural in 
the epithet?  Don't care what the name of the plant is? Having a case of 

Sorry, guys--Had to do that!   Does it matter?  Don't know.  Cheers,

From Glenview, IL USDA  Z5a where it's going down to 53° tonight

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> Lee Poulsen wrote,
>>And even though I'd much prefer good English from native English speakers 
>>(because it makes me wonder about how well English is being taught or not 
>>being taught to our children as they grow up in places like the U.S. or 
>>the U.K. or Australia-and it's easier to read and understand!), I would 
>>still rather hear from them no matter what. I would hate it if someone 
>>felt like they ought not participate on PBS because they are poor spellers 
>>or are self-conscious about their grammar.

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