Response format

Wed, 25 Aug 2010 10:24:52 PDT
        It is easy to  set preferences to not include message in the reply. 
suggest that people not use their personal address but have another one for
things such as mailing lists if they want to keep the original message in
their personal letters..  What irritates me is when people have the message
below the message replied to.  you have to search for the message.  The
topic title is sufficient.  If you haven't read the previous message you
need to go back and read your older mail first.  If people would at least do
that it would be much  better.   Another thing that is irritating is when
they have the single reply carat marking the message so you have to figure
out which Is the message being sent.  Is it at the very bottom or did they
send a reply without any message at all.

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