Lycoris season 2 - L. lomgituba

James Waddick
Mon, 09 Aug 2010 12:00:56 PDT
Dear friends,
	I recently reported on a pastel L. squamigera. First time I 
have seen this bloom.

	Another first today. One bulb of L. longituba has produced 
flowers with multiple petals. Only 2 flowers are open so far. One has 
10, the other 11 petals. Both have extra anthers (9 and 10 
respectively) and both have a single, slightly odd stigma. I'll hand 
pollinate and see what happens.

	Most double flowers have reduced or missing sexual parts. The 
very double L. radiata 'Fireworks' 
(…) has 
lost all sexual parts.

	Again I'd be glad to send pix of these multi-petalled L. 
longituba or pastel L. squamigera to anyone interested.

	See what more this hot bloom season will bring.		Best 
		jim W.
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