Nerine Thoughts

J.E. Shields
Sun, 22 Aug 2010 10:25:17 PDT
Hi Jim W. and all,

Other than what shows up in the mass market bulb catalogfs, there are not 
many sources of Nerine sarniensis hybrids.  Your best bet:  Nick de 
Rothschild ( in the UK has his own plus the Smithers collection 
and offers them for sale each year in late spring.  Check his web site.

I have a few bulbs (maybe 8 or 10) from Nick, and one of them is already in 
bud.  Jim McK.'s complaint is the same as mine -- how to get them to 
survive the summer and then bloom.

My best results (far from optimal!) are to keep them potted and dry in my 
basement all summer, and to mist them occasionally.  I may not mist them 
often enough as they do shrivel alarmingly!

Nick's bulbs are very fine, but not cheap.  Try a few before you spend a 
lot of money on  bunches of these bulbs.

Jim Shields
in pleasant but too dry Westfield, Indiana

At 11:05 AM 8/22/2010 -0500, Jim W. wrote:
>         I just had a few emails about this and began to wonder just how 
> 'rare' this bulb and its many cvs are in cultivation in the US.
>         I noted we have a fair number of pix o the wiki, but very few 
> nursery sources.
>         So how many PBS ers grow Nerines?       Any collectors out there?
>         Comments?               Best            Jim W.

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