Garden News - OT - Nursery closings

J.E. Shields
Wed, 18 Aug 2010 08:53:34 PDT
I wasn't sure Seneca and Asiatica were all the way shut down just yet.  I 
hate to take them off the list.......

I have tried to list main genera offered by the suppliers as the last item 
in each entry.  You can search the page, for instance, for Hippeastrum.  In 
most browsers, that's <Ctrl-F>.

I could do this:  If PBS members who are on the list make sure I know that 
they are in fact PBS members, I'll come up with a "gold star" or something 
after their names to make that clear.

Are all the bulb sellers in PBS already listed on my SOURCES page?

Jim S.

At 10:30 AM 8/18/2010 -0500, you wrote:
.....   Is there some way you could restructure this to include a list 
devoted to bulb suppliers?

>         And then put a Gold Star next to PBS members?
>         I notice Seneca and Asiatica are still listed.
>         Just a thought.         Best            Jim W.
>Dr. James W. Waddick

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