San Diego County

Jane McGary
Thu, 05 Aug 2010 09:39:23 PDT
Mary Sue's idea of putting photos of wild geophytes in habitat on one 
page is wonderful. Thanks to her for doing this.

I have several sets of photos that I've put together from trips to 
observe plants in nature, and I use these as "canned" talks to NARGS 
chapters. Once I get through with this move (four of five 40-foot 
bulb frames lifted and bagged so far, and that's not even mentioning 
the realtor, contractors, packing boxes, and the hour's drive between 
present and future houses), I'll try to downsize and organize the 
images that will interest PBS members. (The talks, incidentally, are 
"Chile's flowering desert," "Spring flowers of Crete," "Fall flowers 
in the eastern Mediterranean," "Bulbs and their habitats," and 
"Exploring unusual bulbs," the last being mostly about cultivated plants.)

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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