Ina Crossley
Mon, 23 Aug 2010 11:54:02 PDT
  Are Lycoris and Nerines names for the same bulbs?  I am confused.

I grow the common red Nerine here in Auckland, which flowers faithfully 
every year, under fruit trees in a bark garden with mostly plenty of 
water as I do not let the fruit trees dry out.  There is another clump 
which is in the sun most of the day and also flowers faithfully each 
year, no added water, but then our summer usually are not dry for long.

Don't know what variety it is.  I got some dwarf ones at some stage but 
didn't want to keep them and they grow and flower heavily each year at a 
friend's place who is more likely to drown her plants (water in saucers 
all the time, oh dear) yet they do so well.

Have just acquired a Nerine masonorium alba, so will see how that one goes.

Ina Crossley     in wet spring weather Auckland, New Zealand

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