Nerine masonorium alba

Wed, 25 Aug 2010 09:46:53 PDT
  When I was given it, the giver said that the pink version was from 
just a small patch which was all there was, now did he say South 
Africa?  I can't remember, but some of the bulbs finished up in Japan, 
where they were grown on.  And surprise, surprise, there was a white one 
amongst the pink ones.  And mine is supposed to be one of the seedlings 
of the white one.

However, when I looked them up on the Internet, they are grass like, and 
this one definitely is not grass like.  Have emailed the son of the 
giver to track that down. Who is not a good emailer....

Is yours grass like Roland?

Ina Crossley

On 8:59 a.m., bulborum botanicum wrote:
> Hello Ina
> I am looking after this one for over a year now
> And I still couldn't not find a supplier
> same as for Gladiolus byzantinus alba
> I thought it would be easier to find
> Roland

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