Haemanthus "nelsonii"

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Sun, 22 Aug 2010 08:46:25 PDT
Hi Jim,

According to the Haemanthus bible (Dee Snijman, "The Genus Haemanthus. A 
Revision" pub. 1984) Haemanthus nelsonii is a synonym for the 
white-flowered form of Haemanthus humillis, H. humilis hirsutus.  Summer 
growing, usually bloom in July or August in the Northern Hemisphere.  I 
have a few bulbs.

Jim Shields

At 11:17 AM 8/22/2010 -0400, you wrote:
>Years ago I acquired a plant under the name "Haemanthus nelsonii - rare"
>from a member of the local cactus and succulent society. I no longer have
>this plant. It grew well here for years as a house plant and bloomed
>occasionally, producing brushes of white flowers. My impression was that it
>was simply H. albiflos.
>Recently I tried to trace this name Haemanthus nelsonii; one source suggests
>that it is a synonym of H. humilis. But so far, that's all I've come up
>Does any of this ring a bell for anyone?
>Jim McKenney

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