Arranging a bulb display

James Waddick
Wed, 25 Aug 2010 08:43:04 PDT
>I'm now sorting out all the bulbs.... and wondering how to arrange 
>them ...... It makes sense to place the taller species toward the 

>  I'd like your opinions.

Dear Jane,
	I think you have given a broad range of options. I love the 
systematic idea, but I doubt it works in a home garden very well.
The tall in back/short in front (TB/SF) is so obvious that it seems 
it can fit with any other format.

	Basically, being a lazy gardener, I'd opt for grouping bulbs 
that need similar care and TB/SF. Theoretically these might also have 
similar bloom season and make the casual visit to the garden more 

	I just doubt you can  have a show in all beds all year. Much 
as that might be nice some beds will be either dormant or just in 
foliage.  Beds that need similar care should have similar growth 
cycles and are more likely to be h\showy at similar seasons.

	In the long run I'd want to have each bed to show off as much 
as possible and I think a similar care, similar growth cycle offers 
the best option.  Your "snowmelt species such as Tecophilaea 
cyanocrocus, Lewisia brachycalyx, and Crocus sieberi," are a good 
example. These would, of course, be the short in front examples.

	Good luck and I hope you'll experiment and have fun in making 
the beds. Could be lots of surprises.

		Best		Jim W.

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