ants & bulbs
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Phil is right about Boric acid being a necessary trace element at very low concentrations like parts per million.  Borate minerals are used in low amounts in some agricultural fertilizers.  Borates are also effective herbicides in levels less than 1% if I am remembering this right around 0.1% for some plants.  So do not use  in high amounts.
In Southern California there are borate mines and some rockhounds who have collected the rocks and used them as garden decorations have found themselves regretting it.  The minerals  are water soluble and deteriorate quickly.

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oric acid is certainly a very effective ant poison.  I just finished off a 
idden nest with it (boric acid in sugar water)and it took only a week.
oron is a trace element for plants but larger amounts are an effective, and 
asting plant poison so use it sparingly around plants.  I don't know the toxic 
evels, but wouldn't advise placing it directly in pots.

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