Mystery Nightshade

Marguerite English
Wed, 25 Aug 2010 11:13:04 PDT
Your mystery seedling looks like datura to me.  Sometimes called Jimson 
weed, I have read that it spread across the continent starting in 
Jamestown settlement.  It has a strange, musky scent and some folks are 
allergic to it, so don't touch its leaves without gloves. It's roots are 
almost impossible to dig if you let it attain full growth.   It is a 
deadly poison, and we have had several residents at the drug rehab 
school in our valley who found some and then had to be life-flighted out. 

David Ehrlich wrote:
> I have a strange weed growing in one of my pots.  I'm pretty sure it's a Datura, 
> but I don't know what species, nor how its seed got into my pot as no Datura is 
> native to this part of the S.F. Peninsula.
> I combined the photos and gab into a blog which can be accessed at

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