Hesperocallis undulata

Pamela Slate pslate22@yahoo.com
Thu, 05 Aug 2010 13:36:34 PDT
For those interested in this species, please see:  

I've heard people in the plant community here say these bulbs have been 
found growing as deeply as a meter.  Even if they were at a two-foot depth in 
sand, this alone would account for expected cultivation difficulty.  Unless rain 
is torrential and/or prolonged, it won't reach the bulb to initiate flowering 
which helps explain why they don't flower every year.  Best flowering occurs in 
wet years here.  That means wet winters since these flower in late spring.  Same 
with Borrego, as Michael noted (and thanks for that info).

However, if any of you would like for me to ask locals in the botanic 
community whether anyone has succeeded in growing these in home landscape or 
greenhouse situations, please contact me and I'll be happy to oblige.


 Pamela Slate
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