Nerine Thoughts - anew

James Waddick
Mon, 23 Aug 2010 05:54:49 PDT
Dear Friends,
	I thank you all for your comments both public, here, and private.

	I am not seeking to grow any Nerines, although they do show 
some excellent and admirable qualities.

	I was curious then and confirmed now that there are few  US 
sources for named cvs. Far more in the UK and pleased to see the 
unique Guernsey UK Nerine Festival. Wish there were more pix to 
wander through.

	The replies also reinforced my thoughts that casual growers 
in the US find these difficult bulbs to maintain and bloom with 
consistency. They seem to be greenhouse bulbs in even the mildest 
climate to manage their precise water schedules.

	I was also reminded of the dissolution of the Zinkowski 
collection ages ago via the IBS with the help of Steve Vinisky (I 
sure miss Steve's contributions to this group). At the time I didn't 
think it was something the group should get involved with. With time 
and a better understanding of their rarity, I guess IBS was as good 
as any (with Steve's major hand at play) to get these into good 
growers hands. Of course I now wonder how many of these still survive 
to this day. And how many have been propagated and distributed 

	It seems that  Nick de Rothschild ( is THE 
PLACE to acquire the best new cvs.

	A note to Diane... You mention 'Quest' as purple. The wiki 
also agrees, but the Rothschild Nerine page shows a white with rich 
pink center line.  Is one of these wrong?

	And the flowers do look marvelous with intricate color blends 
and a range of forms. When is the next Nerine show near Kansas City ?

	An interesting diversion. 			Best	Jim W.
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