Native Bulb for Prairies

Chris Wiesinger
Wed, 25 Aug 2010 07:38:13 PDT
Thanks, Lee.

I was on the list when I first started in 2003 when I was a horticulture
major in college.  Through many turns, twists, ups, and downs I found myself
very busy and hard pressed to keep correspondence with so many like I' had
hoped.  Things are finally falling into more of a routine, the farm is
looking good, and I'm able to spend more time discussing and growing and
less time just "keeping up."

Here's to more sharing and more communicating!


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> Chris Wiesinger wrote:
> > Thank you for your help.  And...if anyone missed it...I am still in the
> red
> > cabin farming bulbs in Texas, but I'm now married!  So, Rebecca and I are
> in
> > the cabin (traveling right now though) farming away.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > Chris
> >
> > Chris Wiesinger
> >
> Hey, I was hoping Chris would join this list! I can't find any previous
> message from him on PBS, but I believe he should submit his nursery
> information to Mike Mace for inclusion on the PBS bulb sources list.
> Chris is the proprietor of The Southern Bulb Co., and since I grew up in
> Texas, I have a soft spot for any bulb people who offer bulbs that will
> grow and/or thrive in Texas, such as Chris's nursery or Patty Allen's
> nursery. Of the three large southern U.S. states with such nice (and
> different from the rest of the U.S.) plant growing climates (Florida,
> Texas, and California), I have always felt like Texas has always been
> the most shortchanged of the three. The "common" statement I heard
> growing up was "Oh, that won't grow in Texas. The climate is too
> difficult here to grow much of anything." And yet people like Thad
> Howard, who discovered many new bulb species and wrote "Bulbs for Warm
> Climates", and Scott Ogden who wrote another great bulb book, "Garden
> Bulbs for the South", both live(d) in Texas. (Thad recently passed away.)
> I've followed Chris's website/nursery almost since he started it, and
> have silently wished him well (and congrats on the marriage!). But I
> also really wished he could hook up with some of the very knowledgeable
> people on this list, or rather, learn a lot more about what he appears
> to spend most of his time doing by being on this list. And lo and
> behold, here he is. (BTW, is Patty's nursery on the list as well, Mike?
> Bayou City Bulbs) Welcome, Chris.
> --Lee Poulsen
> Pasadena, California, USA - USDA Zone 10a

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