Nerine masoniorum

John Grimshaw
Thu, 26 Aug 2010 05:59:42 PDT
The name Nerine masoniorum (the officially accepted spelling) commemorates 
both Marianne Harriet Mason (1845-1932) and her brother Canon Edward Mason, 
hence the genitive plural form. He was Principal of St Bede's Native College 
at Umtata, formerly in the Transkei (now Mthatha, Eastern Cape). The plant 
grows/grew in this area.

According to Gunn & Codd's 'Botanical Exploration of Southern Africa' 
(1981), Marianne 'made leisurely journeys by cart and horses to 
out-of-the-way places' [in eastern South Africa] collecting seeds and bulbs 
and painting plants.

Crocosmia masoniorum also commemorate the pair, while Watsonia masoniae 
honours just Marianne.

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> Isn't it Nerine masonorum?  Which is curious anyway, because presumably 
> the name commemorates Francis Masson.

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