Neomarica care

David Ehrlich
Tue, 24 Aug 2010 10:51:35 PDT
A year and a half ago I moved my N. caerulea from a crowded smaller pot to a 
3’x1’ pot.  I kept it in a sunny position, hoping that the insolation would 
compensate for the cooler temperatures we get here on the hilly spine of the 
S.F.Peninsula.  This spring I moved it to a somewhat less sunny location, and 
changed its fertilizer from Dr.Earth5-5-5to Osmocote (slow-release 14-14-14).  
The result is that the plant has shot up to over 5½’and is blooming like crazy.  
For over a month it has been producing between 7 and 33 blossoms once or twice a 
week.  I think its season is coming to an end – today there are only 7 blossoms; 
usually there are more than 20.  Another thing I notice is that the scapes with 
many flowers bear no propagules, however last year’s scapes do.
N. northiana didn’t fare nearly as well: this summer has generally been cool; 
the plant may require the fuller sun or greater warmth.  However it bears many 
proagules, some of which have spread into other pots.
At one point I tried crossing the two (during a period when their blooms 
overlapped), but the cross didn’t take in either direction.
Neither plant has ever produced seed.
David E.

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