Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 26 Aug 2010 17:09:54 PDT
Hi Marguerite,

Ferraria crispa blooms reliably for me in containers and in the 
ground. I grow it in a deep container and don't take off the old 
corms since it is supposed to grow better that way. It can be 
challenging deciding which way to plant it since it's not always 
clear what's the top and what is the bottom. (One of those to plant 
sideways to hedge your bets.) It gets floppy sometimes in the ground 
with all the rain we get in winter where I live. I once had it in a 
raised bed and it got a bit out of control. Several other species 
I've tried to grow in containers have never bloomed so I too don't 
know the secret. Perhaps it is time to try what Paul suggests and 
just put them in the ground and they will either bloom or disappear I 
suppose. I planted some other Ferraria crispa in the ground in 
another place and I haven't seen it since.

Mary Sue

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