List of seed and bulb vendors

Michael Mace
Tue, 24 Aug 2010 22:29:07 PDT
Greg wrote:

>> While some vendors continue to offer lists etcetera it may be that Ebay
become another major model for collectors/vendors of rarer bulbs.

Thanks for the info, Greg.

The eBay thing is an interesting challenge for our sources list.  Several
people have sent me notes nominating eBay vendors who offer species bulbs.
Unfortunately, all of those people list themselves on eBay only when they
have bulbs available.  So if you look for them today, they can't be found.
As a result, there is no contact info or URL for us to link to from the
sources list.

I guess we could add a note to the list saying something like "look for
these vendors on eBay," but that feels very untidy.  On the other hand, I
feel like we shouldn't ignore it if it's becoming a major source for bulbs.

Any thoughts?


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